Little did I know…

The Unkindled Love πŸ’”

That night the darkest of all I have ever seen still haunts not only my mind but my soul is also scared to remember even a second spent in it
Little did I know that I could never hold those hands which I once wished to hold forever towards future
Helpless broken shattered I sat crumpled in my own ball of anguish cursing my fate
Flashes of you going down on your knees with that rose in your in hand played in front of me and tears rolled down my eyes
“Be mine” your words echoed in my ears
All those roses had suddenly lost their essence
All those letters were lifeless now
That feel of your heart beating with your arms around me snuggling me closer never belonged to me
Little did I know I will crave for your kisses
that touch of yours causing jolts in my body, that feel of yours close to me
Gone are those twinkling eyes and bright smiling faces with fluttering hearts leaving behind a shattered soul and a lifeless body
This storm has hit us so hard seperating our ways forever
I’ll miss your essence around me that face of yours which light up my whole world
How I wish I could have the time seised and could never have seen a future without u


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