Our Moment of Love ❤

It’s beautiful how people fall in love in mysterious ways
As said “Love always has its ways”
No matter how much we deny and run away but love always find its home in our lives and so it did in my life, unexpected but beautiful!
And here was I after years of falling in love with her each day standing at our wedding venue to hold her hand forever till death do us apart
And there she came all draped in a white wedding gown holding her father’s hand walking down the aisle. Orchids on her way and music everywhere as she walked her way towards me
Everything just lost its beauty when she stood in front of me
That twinkle in her eyes behind her veil was clearly visible
Epitome of beauty she was , it always felt like the first time whenever I looked at her pretty adorable face with that breathtaking smile for which my heart skipped a beat each time she smiled
And then finally her father gave his princess’s hand in mine to be my queen forever. That feeling of her hand strangled with mine was still the same, it produced electric jolts in my body all over and my heart beated to the loudest rythmn possible
“I do” I said promising to nurture her with love and dignity for my heart was imprisoned to beat for her forever
And there we where finally pronounced as man and woman for eternity. The love we had for each other was clearly visible in our eyes and that happiness of belonging to each other forever was evident by our heartbeats thumping right into our ears
“You may kiss the bride” they said as I pulled her into my arms as close as possible, that blush on her face killed me it always did!
“Forever Mine” I said as I held her angel face gently removing the veil to kiss her forehead with all the love I had for her
“Forever yours!” She said as she kissed my cheeks
And there were we lost in each others eyes celebrating our moment of love ❤


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