Curse the heart for that it beats…

“How does a heart break feel like?”

Fluttering butterflies, all smiles and laughter with a giggling dancing heart that’s what she was when she came across this one guy in the library. “Love at first sight” the history calls it but for her everything she felt was ‘first’.He made her young lifeless heart beat back to life. He made it flutter with just that one look of his and she couldnt stop but blush

Was it love? Little did she know…

Ohh her poor heart did know how to beat on the music of love but what about the note called heartbreak?

Sitting in the same library where it all started she gazed at that blushing cute face of his as he told her about how made he was after a girl she didnt know and that he was all hearts for her

But what about that one heart that just lost its music in about a second?

Smiling she kept smiling so that she could get to see him smile and blush. Fighting tears and fighting her newly broken heart for that it was not her he was blushing for

All that fluttering all that gigglinhg and fastened heartbeats died in a few seconds

She cursed her heart for beating for him but little did she know that it was never the heart that was to be blamed for beating it was the mind that listened to it

“How does a heartbreak feel like?”

With that pretty smiling face of hers faking it all she said

“I dont know! …Do we even feel during a heartbreak?”


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